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<empty>The Manual Exercise

Just another drill manual? Far from it! This "new and improved" version of the 1764 Manual draws on additional primary sources in an attempt to clarify and standardize the basic drill used by 18th-century armies during the American War for Independence. The basic positions needed for priming, loading, firing and facing are clearly reproduced -- many with additional explanations. Additional material is also included for "motions commonly practiced but not in the manual," plus there are illustrated notes on the proper distances of ranks and files, military steps and cadences, wheeling, the oblique step and musket nomenclature. Printed on period-look paper for field use. 24 pp. Bibliography.

The Manual Exercise,
as Orderd by His Majesty in 1764
by M. Richard Tully ISBN 1-893832-02-3
5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 21 pp, complete bibliography

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