A Collection of Books on Colonial America

Ballindalloch Press was founded in 1999 to provide re-enactors and American history enthusiasts with accurate, easy to read and understand information focusing on the 18th century. Our first book was The Packet, and over the years our offerings have expanded and now include 11 different titles.

Ballindalloch Press (roughly pronounced Bell-in-DUH-luck) is named for Ballindalloch Castle, the ancestral home of British Major General James Grant (1720-1806), who served during the American War for Independence. It was General Grant who stood up in the British House of Commons in February of 1775 and stated that the Americans "could not fight" and that he would "undertake to march from one end of the continent to the other with five thousand men."

These words are often used to illustrate just how badly the British misunderstood the situation in the colonies, but at the time Grant made his comments there was no Continental Army and the local militias were poorly trained and ill-organized. We also need to consider that, in 1775, 5,000 men was a significant military force.

If General Grant's later statements that all of the major cities in America be put to the torch is any indication, it is very likely that, had Grant been in charge, the ringleaders of the rebellion would have been far more concerned with rebuilding their homes and businesses than with organizing and orchestrating a revolution.

All of history has two (or more) sides to it. It is often said that "history is told by the victors," and General Grant's case is just one example of how facts can be skewed to paint a less-than-accurate picture of historical events.

Ballindalloch Press will continue to strive to offer quality, well-researched, accurate and affordable books on the American colonial experience -- the most fascinating period of United States history.

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