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A Collection of Books on Colonial America

One of the most - quoted treatises on 18th-century military matters is available on CD-ROM! Researchers can browse this valuable text on their computer and search by keyword for a specific topic of interest. Both Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files and plain text (TXT) files are included, so that virtually any computer with a CD drive can access these files.

But wait, there's more! The CD also contains:

The Royal Clothing Warrant (1768)

The Manual Exercise as Ordered by His Majesty in 1764 (New York, 1775)

A New System of Military Discipline Founded Upon Principal (attributed to Richard Lambart, 6th Earl of Cavan, 1776).

A New System... in particular is one of the lesser-known 18th-century military treatises and is a great companion piece to Cuthbertson as it makes many suggestions that directly contradict the Royal Warrants! Published in both America and London, several of Cavan’s principles were indeed adopted by the armies of the day.

These files are complete, modern transcriptions! Compare the $39.95 price for all four of these works with that of their hard-to-read facsimile edition counterparts and you will see what an incredible value this CD truly is!

Adobe Acrobat Reader is included on the disk for both Macintosh and IBM compatibles.

The Compleat Cuthbertson (CD ROM)
Being a Transcription of the 1768/1776 edition, with notes referencing the 1779 edition of Capt. Bennett Cuthbertson’s A System for the Compleat Interior Management and Oeconomy of a Battalion of Infantry.

Transcribed and edited by Mark Tully & Don Hagist
ISBN 1-893832-04-X

PRICE: $39.95


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