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A Collection of Books on Colonial America

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1) All Through the Night
2) Alouette
3) The Anacreontic Song
4) A-Roving
5) Back and Sides Go Bare
6) Barbara Allen's Cruelty
7) A Beggin' I Will Go
8) Bonnie Portmore
9) British Grenadiers
10) Broom of CowdenKnowes
11) Chester
12) Consent at Last
13) Cries of London
14) Diddle, Diddle (Lavendar's Green)
15) Downfall of Piracy
16) Faith's Review & Expectation
17) Felix the Soldier
18) Fill Every Glass
19) The Foggy, Foggy Dew
20) Garryowen
21) Girl I Left Behind Me
22) God Save the King
23) Golden Slumbers
24) Greensleeves
25) Heart of Oak
26) Henry Martin
27) Here's to the Maiden
28) Hickory Dickory Dock
29) Hot Cross Buns
30) How Happy the Soldier
31) The Irish Jigg
32) John Peel
33) Johnny Cope
34) Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
35) The Jolly Tradesmen
36) Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl
) Lilliburlero
38) Loch Lomond
39) The Lusty Young Smith
40) MacPherson's Farewell
41) Maggie Lawder
42) Men of Harlech
43) The Miller of the Dee
44) My Dog and I
45) Nancy Dawson
46) Nottingham Ale
47) The Oak and the Ash
48) Old Hundredth
49) Over the Hills and Far Away
50) Packington's Pound
51) The Parting Glass
52) Pleasant and Delightful
53) The Rakes of Mallow
54) Roast Beef of Old England
55) Rosin the Beau
56) Rule Britannia
57) Spanish Ladies
58) Star of the County Down
59) There Was a Jovial Beggar
60) Three Merry Travelers

61) The Three Ravens
62) Tobacco's But and Indian Weed
63) The Toper's Song
64) The Trooper Watering His Nag
65) O, Waly, Waly
66) The White Cockade
67) A Wiltshire Wedding
68) The Willow Tree
69) The World Turned Upside Down
70) Yankee Doodle

Additional songs included in the book that are sung to several of the tunes featured above:

Battle of Bunkler's Hill
Battle of the Kegs
Caveat for a Cutpurse
The Farmer's Cursed Wife
Free America
Gilderoy's Last Farewell
God Save America
Good Ale
The Hopeful Bargain
The Housemaid's Song
Jockey's Lamentation
The Liberty Song
Oh, No John
The Old Fumbler
The Pesky Serlent
Red is the Rose
Rise, Columbia!
Three Jolly Coachmen
The Water is Wide
War and Washington
When the King Enjoys His Own Again

A Modest Collection of Traditional
SONGS of the Colonial Period
by M. Richard Tully ISBN 1-893832-15-5
Full color cover, 8-1/2 x 11, 100 pp, appendices and complete bibliography

PRICE: $24.95


NOTE: Most of these songs were taken from original sources and are completely uncensored. A few selections are a bit bawdy and may not be suitable for young children.

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